「The Nanami」

「The Nanami」


Mr. Bob | Bob #3

Bob is a teacher, an ordinary teacher.

In the country where Bob is, education is not focused on nurturing individuals, but on exam-oriented education. Exams are for qualifications, and qualifications are for jobs - they only care about qualifications and not about the person.

Bob feels sorry for his students, he doesn't want them to be just "walking dictionaries" who only memorize books.

"Standard Oil Company will never keep positions for walking dictionaries." Bob heard this phrase when he was studying education in teacher's college, so he made up his mind to cultivate students with creativity.

But he can't do it, exams don't welcome creative individuals, they only favor those who memorize the standard answers. Pressure from the school, disdain from colleagues, and criticism from parents, he has no choice but to choose exam-oriented education and turn his students into walking dictionaries.

His colleagues say, "Students get grades, you get money, why bother?"

Bob wants to change this phenomenon, but he can't.

Because he is just an ordinary teacher.

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