「The Nanami」

「The Nanami」


Grade Display | Bob #4

Yesterday, Bob changed seats in his class, and his new desk mate is Kira.

"Who are you sitting with now?" Bob's dad asked him as soon as he got home.



Bob's dad opened the last exam's score sheet, found Kira's name, and confirmed if her score was higher than Bob's.

"Very good, you should learn from her."

As soon as Bob's dad took out his phone, Bob knew what he was doing. Last time, Bob's desk mate was Eric, and his dad did the same thing, opening the score sheet, finding Eric's name, and then saying,

"Eric only got this many points? Why are you sitting with him?"

"But Eric plays the drums and is a member of the school band."

"I don't care if Eric can play the drums or not. It doesn't matter if he's popular in school. Only exam scores matter."


"Don't 'but' me, scores are what matter!"

When Bob went to bed that night, he thought, since only these scores matter, why didn't God create humans with a grade card hanging above each person's head, displaying their various scores? There must be a reason for not doing so.

The next day, Bob woke up and found that his idea had actually become a reality.

"Good morning, Bob. Wow, you're level 138 now," Kira greeted Bob.

"And you're level 249."

"Well, it's not a big deal. Your social level is over 400, while I'm only level 3."

"Everyone has their strengths."

"Eric's academic level is only 50 now, but his music and social levels are over 500."

"He truly deserves it."

Suddenly, there were screams in the class. Bob looked and realized that some of the top-performing students in the class had exploded.

"Don't you know? Many social elites exploded this morning," Kira whispered to Bob while showing him the news on her phone.

"It's just too utilitarian, they can't stand others being better than them."

"We can't be the best in every field, and there will always be someone better than us. What does it matter if there's one more or one less talented person?" Bob blurted out.

Now, Bob only hopes that his dad won't explode.

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