「The Nanami」

「The Nanami」


Cyberpunk 2077 & Edgerunner | Discussing Cyber Psychosis Aftermath

Cyberpsychosis, translated as "神機錯亂" in Traditional Chinese, refers to a mental disorder caused by the excessive implantation of cybernetic enhancements, resulting in unstable personalities. It involves losing one's humanity, distancing oneself from their social circle, and gradually viewing oneself as a machine, suppressing their human aspects.

David Martinez: "Vodka on the Bullet Cup with ice, mixed with Coca-Cola. Born great, died gloriously."

In the setting of "Cyberpunk 2077" and its derivative animations, cyberpsychosis refers to a mental illness where individuals install too many cybernetic enhancements, causing their minds to become overwhelmed and lose control. In the case of David Martinez, we witness the entire process of his condition deteriorating as more and more cybernetic enhancements gradually erode his kind personality. However, in the game, the protagonist V can freely install any cybernetic enhancements without falling ill, thanks to their superhuman constitution and the Relic chip. The only one who can rival V in this regard is the Heavy Hammer.

Some say that cyberpsychosis is caused by psychological burdens. David installs cybernetic enhancements to make a living, while the Heavy Hammer has the backing of the Arasaka Corporation, allowing him to do as he pleases without going insane. However, it is precisely the Heavy Hammer who is the most severely affected. His mind is consumed by thoughts of killing, and his body is filled with cold machinery. Adam Smasher is clearly a being devoid of humanity. Without humanity, how can one not be insane? It is difficult for us to determine whether the Heavy Hammer actively engages in killing or if it is the cybernetic enhancements driving him to do so.

What about V? V is a character controlled by the player, and we can assume that the player's mental state is reflected in V's. With the installation of new cybernetic enhancements and the acquisition of new weapons, how many players can resist going on a killing spree in Night City? From the portrayal of cyberpsychos in the animation and the game, V, or rather the player, also becomes a cyberpsycho.

Now, let's talk about reality. The ubiquitous electronic screens drive us crazy. Are we using these electronic devices, or are these electronic devices enslaving us? Do I want to play games, or is it the label of being a "gamer" that compels me to play? With this in mind, I too am a cyberpsycho.

Some people dislike cyberpunk, perhaps because of the existence of cyberpsychos. In "Detroit: Become Human," there is a line that says, "This is not just a story, it is also our future." This statement applies to "Cyberpunk" as well. With the development of technologies such as brain-computer interfaces, ChatGPT, and bionic limbs, it is difficult for us to avoid becoming cyberpsychos. The cyber world is not just a fantasy world depicted in "Cyberpunk," but also our virtual and bewildering online world.

What about David? From the definition of a cyberpsycho, David is indeed insane. However, looking at his purpose - sending Lucy to the moon - everything he does is a result of his own decisions, and he has not lost his humanity.

"You know you didn't lose your self-control
Let's start at the rainbow
Turn away
Another way to be where you didn't want yourself to go"

  • "I Really Want to Stay at Your House"

"Love is the most potent inhibitor." Lucy's love for her mother prevents David from losing himself, from forgetting his dreams. This is the most effective way to combat cyberpsychosis. David also successfully reaches the top of the Arasaka Tower (physically), fulfilling Lucy's dream. Born great, died gloriously.

Welcome to Night City.

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